When visiting a shelter, a cat jumped around her neck and refused to leave for a very special reason!

Rachel Griggs is a young volunteer student at the Potsdam Humane Society Animal Shelter in New York. During one of her visits, a cat literally fell in love with her. As soon as he saw the young woman, the cat jumped around her neck and didn’t want to leave her.


Obviously, he touched Rachel and the young woman even burst into tears. The woman lives in a student residence and couldn’t take the cat with her. However, Rachel asked her mother to greet him at her house and so she went.


The most striking thing about this story is that we can see that cats need a good dose of love in their lives. Hopefully he will have lots of love and affection in his new home, and we know that Rachel will visit him often!


A true example of love at first sight…

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Source: Ultra Mignon


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