Brave dog carries her 4 puppies to a porch to save them from the flood!

A beautiful mom, named Abilene, and her pups were living on an abandoned property in Harris County, Texas. Although life on the street was not easy, they were surviving … However, when Hurricane Harvey struck and the waters began to rise, the canine family faced great difficulties. Abilene’s first instinct was to protect her pups at all costs.

One by one, she took her dogs to the porch of a house, to escape the rain and flooded soil. The couple, who lived in that house, noticed the canine family and knew they had to do something to help them.

Youtube – Best Friends Animal Society

To make matters worse, Harris County was also under a chemical spill warning, after the flood had broken some tanks, at a chemical plant. Not only were the dogs in danger of drowning, but they were also in danger of being poisoned.

Youtube – Best Friends Animal Society

It was then that the volunteers from the Best Friends Animal Society entered the scene. They joined forces to help all these dogs!

Youtube – Best Friends Animal Society

First, they were given a bath to wash away all the dirt and possible chemicals in their bodies. All dogs were covered with fleas, for which they were treated. During the shower, the rescue group realized just how lean Abilene really was.

Then all the dogs were examined … Fortunately, besides the fleas and malnutrition, they were healthy!

Youtube – Best Friends Animal Society

From that moment on, began their recovery process! Abilene even had some quiet time, so she could relax while her pups were around. Shortly thereafter, the small family was re-routed to a foster home in Los Angeles.

Youtube – Best Friends Animal Society

Abilene and her pups were welcomed with open arms as she wagged her tail and realized she was in a safe and happy environment.

Brave dog carries her 4 puppies to a porch

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