44-year-old woman says she can’t find love because of her beauty

Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world, and no human lives without it. Dawn Cousins has four beautiful children, a job, a family that loves her and a wonderful home. However, the woman says she can’t find love because she’s very beautiful, and that stops her from being happy.

Cousins lives in London and works as a receptionist. Her life is almost perfect except for one great detail: she can’t find love! The reason? According to her, she is too attractive. In 2003, the 44-year-old woman ended a 4-year relationship. Since that day, she hasn’t been able to find her better half.

Facebook – Dawn Cousins

Despite being 44, she looks and feels much younger. “What happens is that I seem to be half my age, and I have men drooling for me all the time, both 18-year-old and older,” says.

For this woman, her beauty is a curse: “Sometimes I wish I was not so attractive … So I could attract the perfect man with whom I could spend the rest of my life. It seems that I only attract men who care about my body, not my personality. These men are not the kind of person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. ”

Facebook – Dawn Cousins

Cousins says people think she’s her daughter’s sister, and many of their friends try to date to her. The mother of 4 has already tried dating younger men, but it turned out to be a disaster because they’re too immature for her.

Facebook – Dawn Cousins

However, older men also seem not to please this woman. She already tried to get to know her perfect match online, but also failed. “The men were terrible and I’m very attractive to date 40-year-old men when I look like 20. I can’t go out with fat, unattractive, old men being so beautiful and looking so young,” she says.

Facebook – Dawn Cousins

“I need to find my knight in shining armor, or at least someone who isn’t fat and can get into the armor,” she continues. After so much searching, the woman is thinking of moving to the United States, in hopes of finding love there.

Facebook – Dawn Cousins
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