Dog has a precious reaction when she discovers she has a canine brother

When we decide to integrate a puppy into our family, this is a source of pride and happiness. We all know that a furry friend is able to transform our lives, with his sweetness, loyalty and companionship. However, some family members may not know how to deal with it, and the little dog we’ll meet today will tell you.

Dog discovers she will have a canine brother

Artie, a Belgian Malinois, discovered that she would become a big sister and clearly couldn’t handle this prospect very well. The little dog was shocked to discover that she has a greater responsibility in the family, and she has already delighted thousands of people.

Belgian Malinois is not ready to be a big sister

Check out the fun moment in the video below:

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Artie to adapt to the idea of having a little brother. Now they are best friends and great playmates. Check out the two animals in action in the clip below:

Without a doubt, the cutest moment of the day!

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Source: I Love My Dog


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