Father and son die in a car accident, but the son comes back to life and says the strangest thing

In the summer of 1997, Julie, Andy and her son Landon were on their way home after a wonderful family trip when something terrible happened. They were very happy and had a good time, but an accident changed their lives forever. As they crossed a junction, an ambulance drove directly to them.

Andy died immediately and Julie was stabilized, but the paramedics didn’t realize there was a third person in the car.


The car was so destroyed that rescuers failed to see Landon, the 8-year-old boy. Only when they saw a child’s shoe did they realize that there was another person in the car.

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Landon was resuscitated and taken to the Carolina Medical Center. He died twice more that day, and both times he came back to life. However, the doctors had no hope of survival.

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However, if he survived, he would become a vegetable: he would not know how to walk, talk or eat because of the trauma his brain had suffered. But after two weeks a miracle occurred. Landon opened his eyes and, to everyone’s shock, he showed no signs of brain damage. In addition, something even more miraculous happened.

“I asked Landon, do you know where your father is?” And he replied, “Yes, I know where he is. I saw him in heaven”, says Julie.


Landon also explained that he had seen two family friends when he was in heaven, but that was not all. Shortly thereafter, the child turned to his mother and said he had seen her “two other children.” Julie was not sure what he was talking about, and after a while she realized what he meant. Landon was referring to the two miscarriages she had before Landon was born, though the boy never knew about it.

“He had┬áseen them in heaven, even though we had never told Landon. He did not know we had lost two children before him“, Julie said.

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Sometimes there are things that happen in life that we can’t explain, such as what happened to Landon. Do you believe he really went to heaven? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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