Man puts cabbage on his leg – now see what happened to his body the next day

As we get older, our body gets more painful. This is due to poorly healed injuries, arthritis, tendonitis and sprains, among many other causes. The knees are one of the most affected areas. Unfortunately, pain medications are often very expensive. But today we will show you an equally effective natural remedy: the cabbage in the leg.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the knees are connected to the kidneys. This means that if you have kidney problems, you may have frequent knee pains. So the best way to treat these pains is to take care of both areas. And that’s where the cabbage comes in.

Not everyone likes this vegetable, but the truth is that it can be very beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are not a fan of the vegetable either, don’t worry because the treatment does not require you to eat or drink tea from its leaves.


The cabbage in the leg treatment is as follows: grasp the leaves of the vegetable and place them in boiling water. After that, allow them to cool, take the boiled cabbage and put it on the inflamed knee. Cover with a cloth and tape it. Let the vegetables act for 30 minutes.

Repeat the procedure a few times a week and you will see improvements soon. This method can also be used for pain in the spine, legs and arms. Try and share with your friends!

Source: Best of Web


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