Bus driver finds lost dog on his bus and stays with him all night until he finds his owner

London bus driver Amos Paul Mak was puzzled when he spotted a trembling Staffordshire Bull Terrier waiting in the backside of the bus.

The dog was hanging his head down like a defeated soul and wouldn’t budge from his spot. All the passengers had left for the day, and Amos assumed that someone had either lost their dog or willfully abandoned him on the bus.

Amos communicated the bizarre situation to fellow worker Ricky Hatton. As it is against regulations for bus drivers to take abandoned or lost dogs home, they decided to reach out to the locals through social media for any info on the gloomy dog. Meanwhile, the dog stayed on the cold bus all night while the staff kept hoping that someone would turn up to collect their pet.

Miraculously, Ricky and Amos’ social media eventually reached Paulina Rybak – the owner of the puppy!

For the past 6 days, Paulina had been losing sleep over her 4-year-old pooch, Boston, who went missing during a walk. The bewildered woman was shocked to see Boston’s bus pictures, and immediately contacted the depot workers to reunite with her precious boy!

As she had already informed her vet and Newham Council about Boston’s missing status, it became easy for the workers to verify that she was indeed the owner of this distressed dog. While no one had any idea how Boston got on the bus, Paulina was convinced that it was her adventurous pup’s desperate attempt to find his way back home, which definitely worked!

Boston is now back in his cozy home, getting pampered to no end. His human siblings, Filip and Zofia, were extremely disturbed when he went missing. But now, the trio has been happily reunited and their bond is stronger than ever.

Click on the video below to watch the history of Boston:

Source: I Love My Dog


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