Fire makes dog run away with something burned in her mouth. But there’s a terrible story behind it

In the last few days, several fires have caused panic in many regions of the planet. After a fire that devastated Galicia in Spain, many people lost their lives and their properties, as did many animals that were consumed by the flames! This case left the whole world in tears…

Like many other animals, this little dog fought for her life during times of distress and destruction! She managed to survive, but, unfortunately, she left a precious behind: her puppy! What the animal is carrying in her mouth is not a burnt log, although it may seem like it. It’s a little puppy that didn’t resist the rage of the wildfires.

The puppy was dead and there was no return, but the broken mom just couldn’t abandon her beloved baby… These images are heartbreaking!

Unfortunately, many of the fires that started in the Iberian Peninsula are of criminal origin … Monsters decided to set fire to the forests, putting at risk the lives of thousands of people and defenseless animals! This poor cub was only one of the hundreds of mortal victims. When will this stop?

Hopefully these criminals will be behind bars soon. Share this story to honor the victims of the fires… May they rest in peace!

Source: Best Of Web


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