He buried this dog alive but got punished for it

Our world is full of evil people. Many people worry about the immense amount of dangerous, ferocious and poisonous animals that exist. I think we should be more careful about our species. The greatest atrocities are always committed by humans, from violent assaults, domestic violence and violence against animals.

We should be afraid, yes, that makes us human. But after the fear is gone, we must raise our arms and start building a better world, a world in which your children and grandchildren will be happy and good people!

Athena was found beneath a huge mountain of land, struggling for her life. Pedro Dinis was the one who found it in a suburb of Paris. When the earth moved, the man ran to see what it was, and it was then that he quickly began to dig the earth around the head that was already beginning to see.

Facebook – Pedro Dinis

She was 10 years old and this little dog had already lived the worst days of her life. Someone who supposedly liked her, buried her alive, does it for about two months now.

After being released, Atenea was taken to a local veterinary clinic. The animal was in a horrible, dehydrated state as well. After all, she recovered in a short time. No one can imagine why someone would bury a puppy alive. How can anyone be so monstrous?

Facebook – Pedro DinisThis is another living being. Luckily, the person in charge did not go unpunished! After the trial ruled that the culprit for the offense could not again have pets.

The punishment of acts is an example for all of us. Whatever the punishment, it will surely make the person rethink his actions.

Facebook – Pedro Dinis

After being rescued, the patudinha recovered fully and is already integrated into her new family. Unfortunately, this little girl eventually died of cancer. But you can rest easy because she was happy in her new home, her family loved her very much.

Facebook – Pedro Dinis

What did you think of this story? Do you think the guilty person had the right punishment?


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