Woman thinks her dog is covered in insect bites but after all they are bullet holes

Last spring, Hayden Howard noticed something strange when she saw her dog coming home. Jackson, an English Mastiff was playing in the backyard while his owner was inside the house. When she called him, it seemed to her that the animal was covered with insect bites. She couldn’t be more wrong…

After a closer inspection, she realized what was happening. His body was covered with bullet holes. “I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think.” Said the woman.

Facebook – Justice For Jackson

When she realized that Jackson had been shot, she immediately took him to the vet. During the care, they discovered that many of bullets that were found came from a pistol of compressed air. “There was one under the eyelid, one in the ear, one in the knee, there were everywhere.”, said Hayden.

Facebook – Justice For Jackson

There were so many that the vet immediately scraped his fur, to ease the process. In total, they removed 27 bullets from Jackson’s body. How can anyone be capable of something so cruel?

Facebook – Justice For Jackson

We can’t understand how anyone can be so cruel to a dog that did absolutely nothing. Police began investigating and some firearms were found at the home of a neighbor who had been convicted of drug-trafficking offenses.

Authorities are still waiting for a response from the lab to find out if the bullets match the guns found, but the police is convinced they are on the right track. Let’s hope they catch this monster and he pays for all the bad things he did…

Despite the tragedy, Jackson seems to be recovering by stride and soon he will live without any conditioning!

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