Bull desperately chases the truck that was carrying his beloved cow

We cannot deny that animals always give us an example of love, friendship, and fidelity, capable of showing feelings and actions that soften even the hardest heart.

This incident occurred in Tamil Nadu, India.

Although we are used to that kind of manifestation, like dogs and cats, when seeing that kind of behavior in other species, it is easy to be surprised. This time, the protagonists are an Indian bull who did not give up until he was reunited with a cow.

This large mammal chased the truck carrying his unconditional companion for almost a kilometer.

The bull is called Manajamalai and the cow Laksmi.

The incident was recorded on video and so it did not take long for thousands of people to react to the emotional scene.

In him we can see, however, the brave bull circulating around the vehicle and pointing with his head as a form of protest against who was taking the cow he is in love with.

The carrier, seeing the bull’s insistence, stopped the vehicle for a few minutes.

Again and again, the animal lifts his head and groans against the actions of the transporters, while Laksmi looks at it unable to respond to the appeals.

The bull was raised next to the cow by a resident of Palamedu, who is responsible for a tea shop in the region.

A demonstration of love that knows no bounds.

The man decided to sell the cow, but the bull could not tolerate the separation and followed the vehicle until his goal was achieved. The owner commented:

“The cow on the video is Laksmi and she’s been in my family for four years. We faced financial difficulties due to the closure and so we decided to sell it to a dairy farm. We were transporting Laksmi around 1 pm and the bull went to look for her.”

In the face of such a moving scene, the residents were looking for the new owner to offer him money and bring Laksmi back. The man was asking for about $540.

Manajamalai’s determination gave incredible results.

The incident caught the attention of the local authority, Tamil Nadu’s deputy prime minister, O. Jayapradeep, who offered his help by paying the price and recovering the cow. Finally, he donated the cow to the temple and joined his beloved Manajamalai .

The two cattle have touched the hearts of the residents and now all over the world. Both animals enjoy a happy life together. No doubt love always wins, and these two prove it. Share your story!

Source: Zoorprendente


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