Mom has bruises all over her belly: when they look at the ultrasound closely, they freeze

Currently, there are many treatments for those who have difficulty conceiving. Guillermina García and her husband, Fernando, live in the United States and they wanted to have another baby. They already had a daughter, Juliet, but they were having trouble giving her a brother. Finally, they opted for a fertility treatment and were able to get pregnant. But, to the shock of the doctors, the woman began to have bruises all over her belly.

Guillermina knew that after having undergone a fertility treatment, the likelihood of having twins was high. So the couple was prepared to have another baby or two. Except they were not expecting what would happen the day they went to have an ultrasound.

First, the doctor saw a baby in Guillermina’s womb, then saw another, another, and so on… in total, there were five embryos! The couple was going to have quintuplets!

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The pregnancy was highly supervised to ensure that the mother and the children were not at risk of life. Then, at 31 and a half weeks’ gestation, it was time to give birth. But carrying so many children in the belly was not easy, and Guillermina’s stomach was damaged.

Her pregnancy was three weeks shorter than a normal pregnancy, but it was already a major burden and risk to the mother. They wanted to wait as long as possible for the children to develop as much as possible. That would mean fewer complications for the little ones.

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The children were born by caesarean section: three girls and two boys. Luckily, everything went well and they came to the world healthy. The mother was assisted by eight physicians, an anesthesiologist, and more than a dozen nurses.

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The children weighed between 900 grams and 1.4 kilos, except Fernando, who weighed 1.8 kilos. The others were given the names of Esmeralda, Fatima, Marisa and Jordan.

Two days after birth, the mother went home, but the children had to stay in place for six weeks. The newborns stayed there as a precaution, but the doctors say they will grow up healthy. “It seems we are dreaming,” says the father, Fernando Garcia.

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The older sister, Juliet, 8, is anxious for the brothers to come home. One of Guillermina’s doctors, Tracy Manuck, praised the positivity of theirr mother, who throughout her pregnancy had not complained once. When parents were asked how they would raise so many children, they said, “I don’t know.”

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Of course it will be different from the life they had before as a family of three, but I’m sure they will manage to overcome all difficulties! Share with all the brave mothers you know!

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