Heartless monsters broke a dog’s back and left her to die – she crawled for months, waiting for help!

Once a dog named Nancy had a normal life. However, heartless monsters decided to break her back and threw her in a trash to die. Nancy was completely deserted and was forced to crawl through a broken glass field and fragments of metal.

For months, Nancy crawled there until someone came to help her. Luckily, someone wrote a complaint, calling the attention of local rescuers.

RumbleThey got Nancy, but the poor dog was in a terrible state… No one knew if she would survive!


Nancy was treated for multiple infections, including advanced Leishmania, which worsened her neurological symptoms. Her mobility was also limited, as she was unable to walk on her hind legs.


The rescuers did everything they could to help Nancy, and her recovery was very slow and painful. But thanks to these good-hearted people, she has improved a lot. Here’s how she is now:


Heartless monsters broke a dog’s back and left her to die.

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Source: Doggies


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