Sound of Silence begins to play – seconds later, they start a breathtaking performance

Figure skating is a wonderful sport where skaters glide through the ice performing quite incredible moves. Most of us can barely stand on the ice, but the skaters we’ll see next have such delicacy that they even make it all look easy. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the breathtaking performance.

These athletes are able to perform breathtaking routines that leave the audience speechless. Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres teamed up and won first place in the International Skating Union 2017. When they reached the ice, the fans were amazed by their routine.

Youtube – 1tvDance

They skated to the sound of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic hit “The Sound of Silence,” but in the voice of the band Disturbed. Their amazing skating and perfectly synchronized acrobatics match magically with the music.

Youtube – 1tvDance

The public is visibly captivated by their routine. The soft and strange music, along with their black suits, gives a melancholy sensation to the routine of skating. The score of the judges is based on how precise and different the movements are. Their routine is perfect and simply captivating. Morgan throws Vanessa in the air like she’s a feather. She landed on the ice on her thin blades completely effortlessly.

Youtube – 1tvDance

At 1:50 minutes, Vanessa and Morgan do something that will stun you. In fact, the audience was so impressed that everyone gave a standing ovation to the pair in the end. We have to agree, it’s incredible. The pair of skaters performed the spectacular routine without a single defect. Be prepared to be stunned by their talent!

Youtube – 1tvDance

Check out the fascinating choreography in the video below.

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