Mother finds boyfriend raping her 12-year-old daughter and stabs him

We never know what we’re able do until we face very complicated situations. The truth is that any of us would risk our lives to save those we love. That’s what happened Tuesday when a mother found her boyfriend raping her 12-year-old daughter. Angrily, the first thing the woman did was to stab the partner several times with a pocketknife.

The terrible incident occurred in the neighborhood of Stockyards, Cleveland, around 2:30 am. So far, we don’t really know what happened that day. The police is investigating the case but so far no charges have been filed against the mother or the boyfriend. Despite this, officials are treating the case as a possible rape of a minor.

Mother catches boyfriend raping daughter

Police learned of the situation and went to the scene after a call from her mother, who said she had seen her boyfriend touching her 12-year-old daughter. According to the woman, she stabbed him five times in his chest, and once in his head, to defend his girl. The man survived the wounds, and is now hospitalized.

The mother grabbed the man by the throat, before pressing him against a wall. During the fight, both the mother and  daughter suffered defensive injuries on their hands.

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According to the 12-year-old’s statements to the police, the man began to touch her underwear. After that, he undressed in front of her and said, “This is what you’ll see in the real world when you have a boyfriend.” Soon after that, her mother’s boyfriend started raping her.

But the man has another version… according to him, the girlfriend attacked him out of jealousy, believing that his daughter had feelings for him.

What do you think of the woman’s attitude if the rape is confirmed: Would you do the same for your daughter if you found your boyfriend raping her, or would you call the authorities and let them handle the case?

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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