Young sees a flash of light outside the tent – when she leaves, she finds her boyfriend on the floor

Sometimes, a relaxing vacation or a trip can take a disastrous course that no one could ever foresee. This was the case of Juliet Moore and Isaiah Cormier, 18. They both left for a weekend camp in the Ruby Gulch, Colorado area. The teens had just returned to camp after a walk when it began to rain. As Juliet went to the tent, she saw a flash of light outside. When she left the tent to check out what was going on, she saw her boyfriend on the ground, inanimate.

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As it was raining, Juliet entered the tent to take shelter. Suddenly, she saw the flash of light and immediately called her boyfriend, but there was no response. Alarmed, she put her head out of the tent, and found him lying on the floor.

Isaiah was struck by a lightning in the neck. Instinctively, Juliet stepped into action, turning him on his back. She started searching for a heartbeat, but she could not hear or feel it. Also, the boyfriend was not breathing. Fortunately, Juliet had just learned CPR techniques, and tried to revive him.

Youtube – CBS News

After a while, Juliet managed to wake her boyfriend. “You can’t go yet. I have many things I want to do with you. You are not allowed to leave me soon,” thought the girl. Fortunately, the boyfriend woke up shortly afterwards.

She screamed for help and a camper nearby came with his son. Together, they put Isaiah in the car and took him to the hospital. Few people can say that their girlfriend saved their life, but Isaiah is one of them.

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