Boy cried, devastated by finding out that the lambs he cared since babies would be slaughtered

It is always essential to receive early guidance that helps us understand the importance of caring for animals and giving them as much love as possible. However, there are still many institutions where they do the exact opposite.

One boy was charged with taking care of two lambs since they were just babies.

At such a young age, these animals need someone to help them feed during the early months. The child soon developed a beautiful connection with the little lambs.

He made sure to take them to the vet every time they got sick, took care of never missing food, and even spent countless hours playing with them. At that time he had no idea that once they had reached a certain weight they would be taken to the slaughterhouse or auctioned off.

He spent months sharing moments with the little lambs and became best friends. He could not believe how finally his mother and teachers would force an innocent animal to submit to such a sad fate.

In the midst of tears, the boy tried to save the lives of his little lambs; But all was in vain. The school project lasted for months and all to explain to the children that these animals only existed to become food.

“Animals are for this, to be consumed by humans.”

This child had to abruptly understand the cruel world we live in.

No one seemed to care about the beautiful bond he had developed with the handsome lambs.

He and his classmates could only say goodbye to them and regret not being able to save them. In an image, you can see the heartbreaking moment when the child understands that he can do nothing for his friends. The adults simply forced him to look after and then hand them over to the slaughterhouse.

“I hugged them, cleaned them up, played with them.”

Fer Ariza, an animal rights activist for years, shared the image and raised awareness of the enormous damage this little boy suffered. Her heart was completely broken when she realized that the animals she loved so much had a fatal fate.

“In a beautiful world, no one would have taken his friends to this fate.”

We raise our voice against such a cruel act. Children, like this little one, know that animals deserve much better treatment, but society forces them to continue these outrageous practices.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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