Boy and his cow lose a competition, but win on the Internet after falling asleep together

Mitchell Miner and his cow decide to participate in a competition called the Lowa State Fair, where they bring together various farm animals to perform various activities.

The two were determined to achieve a special ranking in the event and the duo had prepared for a long time for this. However, the two would have to wake up at 3 in the morning to start training.

Despite the pair’s hard work, they were unable to take first place, but placed fifth in the competition. Despite this, Michell was proud of his cow and took the time to rest.

Moments after the end of the competition, Michell took Audri, as he calls his cow, for a nap. The fact is that the two were so exhausted that, without realizing it, they fell asleep practically cuddled together. Mitchell’s father walked by and found them asleep, so he decided to take a picture of them.

When the photo of a boy taking a nice nap with his cow was shared online, it quickly went viral.

“Our son Mitchell and his cow after yesterday’s show,” wrote his father, Jeremy Miner, alongside the viral image.

Animal lovers around the world fell in love with the moment and praised the beautiful friendship the two have built.

Although his family no longer lives on a farm, they have always wanted to ensure that the value of love and respect for animals is cultivated in their home.

Source: Animais Queridos