Baby born addicted and with broken legs gets a happy ending

Chas Shira and his wife, Katie, have always wanted to start a family and help children through adoption. When they finally got called by the agency, they had a big shock. A baby had been born addicted and had broken legs. He needed someone to welcome him as quickly as possible.

It all happened in 2015, when the 2-month-old boy entered the couple’s lives. Little Jett had not been in the world in a long time, but he had suffered enough. His mother used drugs throughout her pregnancy and, because of this, the baby was born addicted. In addition, the newborn had developmental problems related to the mother’s substance abuse.

Parenting Isn’t Easy

They always wanted to give an unfortunate baby an opportunity, and Jett was the opportunity they both hoped for. “We were able to see the needs of the children in Longview, and we knew that many of them needed a roof and, as a young couple, we agreed we could provide a good environment for a child who needed it.”

Chas and Katie didn’t know what to expect when Jett arrived. However, shortly after they welcomed him, they already wanted to adopt that child. But not everything was perfect… the couple had to overcome many obstacles. Because the boy needed a lot of special care, and the foster parents had no training for it, they needed to demonstrate to the authorities that they had the capacity to accommodate the child.

Parenting Isn’t Easy

Adding to all obstacles, Jett had bone problems because of his mother’s drug use, and that made it impossible to treat him like a normal baby. The first few weeks were very stressful for the new parents as they needed to adapt to the new family member and his health conditions.

A year after receiving Jett at his home, the Shira couple announced that they wanted to officially adopt the child. However, the boy’s biological parents had just come out of the rehab, and they wanted heir son back.

Parenting Isn’t Easy

Fortunately, despite several appeals from Jett’s biological parents and grandparents, the court decided to give custody of the Shira couple. Chas and Katie waited 820 days until they could officially adopt the boy. Thanks to the couple’s determination, the little one will live a happy, healthy and loving life.

Parenting Isn’t Easy

In addition, Jett will have a little brother: the couple is expecting a biological child. But that will not change their unconditional love for the boy. Share if you think all children deserve happy endings!

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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