Boris, the cat who waited for his owners for 4 years on a stump

This cat story was told by volunteers from Amur. Animal rights activists learned about a cat that had been waiting for its owners for 4 years near an abandoned house on a stump in the village of Poyarkovo.

During this time, many people saw the cat, but nobody paid any attention to him.

The animal was abandoned by his owners. He had been waiting for them near the house on the stump for 4 years. Of course, no one made any attempt to come back for the cat. The family simply moved to another locality and left Boris in the village.

All these years, the cat lived half-starved, eating scraps and garbage. As a result, a bone got stuck in his tooth, which made it so that he could no longer close his mouth normally. Because of this, Boris was unable to eat and drink.

This became known to the animal rights activists in Amur. They went to the village and took the cat. They took him to the vet in Blagoveshchensk. In the clinic, the poor animal had all its teeth removed.

When the cat recovered, he was returned to the village, where he was given to an animal shelter.

At first, they tried to teach Boris to go back to living at home next to people. He began to trust people again. 

The volunteers also said that they had accustomed the cat to voices and read him poems by various Russian writers.

“I remember the first time I saw a picture of Boris. He sat alone on a stump and looked at the house. I remember how we picked him up to help, and he ran from one basement to another of us. After that, we read books to him and he sat in a corner, turning his back to us, expressing his disbelief,” said one of the animal rights activists.

Three years have passed since that time. Boris recently passed away, because the old diseases did not go away for a long time. And the veterinarians could not save him. In addition, the cat was no longer young, so he could not bear illnesses. But in a few years, he became a loving cat again. He lived those years in the warmth and comfort of a home.

Source: Positive Info


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