Mother believes the child was bitten by a wasp – but upon seeing his blue body, she discovers the truth

Enjoying an ice cream, walking barefoot through the countryside or taking a refreshing swim are some of the pleasures we have in the days of excessive heat. But nothing in life is free from danger, not even those moments of rest and pleasure. Little Kristoffer, 3, knows well what this is. He had a blue body after playing barefoot in the garden. Now, his mother wants to share the traumatic experience so that no one else has to go through it.


“I went to visit my parents with my son. Suddenly, Kristoffer started crying and got down on his knees. We thought he had only been bitten by a wasp, or scratched by a few branches,” says Elisabeth Nordgarden, his mother. 15 minutes after the crying attack, the boy’s body began to turn blue. “The ambulance and the helicopter arrived quickly, and they told us it was a snakebite and they took us to the hospital in Skien, Norway,” she continued.

Snakebite had serious consequences

Kristoffer received medication and began to show signs of recovery. He looked better, but soon the boy started to get worse again… and a lot!


The boy had a bleeding in the intestine, and was taken to another hospital. His condition worsened and he even lost a few pounds. At that point, the mother realized that the situation was much more serious than she thought. The body’s reaction to snake bites can be very different from one person to another, especially in the case of children, who usually have strong symptoms.

In many cases, snakes appear with heat. These are the time there is a greater risk of them surprising us.

Facebook – Elisabeth Nordgarden

That is why it’s important to wear shoes and long clothing if you are in an area where you know there may be snakes. It’s also important to remain calm if you are bitten by a poisonous snake, according to Dr. Harry Achterberg.

More respect for snakes

After half a week at the hospital, Kristoffer was able to return home. He survived, but he had many difficulties. Now the boy is fully recovered, and on the day he returned home, he was already playing happily. However, Elisabeth says she will take more precautions in the future.


“I now have more respect for the snakes and I will make sure that the children wear shoes when they leave, especially if they are playing in the fields and in the bushes,” says the mother.

Kristoffer recovered well from the snake bite, but everything could have ended in tragedy. Share so everyone can take precautions in the summer!

Source: Newsner


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