Blind elephant takes first steps to freedom after life of abuse

A 46-year-old blind elephant took its first steps in freedom after a life of abuse and mistreatment.

Karma had to walk all his life on the busy streets of India, with heavy loads to carry, which is very stressful for a blind elephant.

This beautiful elephant was rescued by Wildlife SOS last December and is starting to have more and more confidence in its environment in the Elephant Care and Conservation Center.

The moment when Karma takes its first steps in freedom has been shared on Facebook and it’s an incredible and gripping event! You can see the emotional images at the bottom of this article.

Employees haven’t left her with other elephants on the reserve yet, so she can relax and get used to her new surroundings at her own pace. In an update, the shelter wrote that they “quickly fell in love with her”.

“Because she is completely blind, we take things in hand so that she gets used to her new life. Our caregivers accompany her on beautiful walks where she can explore her environment freely, and our medical teams take care of his injuries and trauma”.

Once this quarantine period has been completed, Karma will be presented to the other elephants.

The organization already has three other blind elephants and five visually impaired elephants.

“It’s hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, Karma was begging on the street, because of a cruel owner. With your help, our team saved her from a hostile environment and took her safety”, said Wildlife SOS in a Facebook update.

Thanks in part to donations, these animal lovers can do their fantastic work and save the animals from miserable conditions!

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Source: Incroyable


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