Blind dog wins guide dog friend and, his life transforms

Charlie is an 11-years-old dog who was diagnosed with glaucoma and, had to have both eyes removed. Now, he has a friend to help him take walks!

According to the site “The Dodo”, Maverick was adopted by Chelsea Stipe. She already had a dog named Charlie (the largest in the photo). The main ideia was to Charlie have a friend to play with. She says that the company between the two golden retrievers gave encouragement to the blind dog.

He already went out for a walk.

“We bought little toys for Charlie and, he was not even thinking about playing games. Now, they play with each other all the time,” he told the site. Maverick is a few months old but, seems to understand what his older friend is going through and, tries to help.

Source: Universa Uol


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