Blind and deaf dog disappears and woman gets emotional when she finds him hours later

Amanda Harlan Mendenhall let her 13-year-old Poodle, Cricket, out to go potty on a recent spring day in Springfield, Missouri. It’s something Amanda does several times a day, and her dog always comes right back in. On this particular day, something went horribly wrong, as the dog never came back.

Cricket is Amanda’s constant companion, so when the dog went missing, the dog mom was devastated. Cricket is both blind and deaf.

“She’s never done this before. There was a lot of crying. I was worried that she wouldn’t make it since it was below freezing that night,” Amanda shared.

She and several of her neighbors walked the area for hours, drove around the community, and looked everywhere. As the freezing night fell upon the town, the search was called off. Bright and early the next morning, people gathered to search.

A neighbor mowing his lawn told Amanda he saw a Poodle wandering near a wooded area. The hunt for Cricket led them two miles from home where they came upon a creek with a large drop-off point.

“It was about 4 p.m. and we were about to give up and go home,” said Amanda. “But then I heard a sound — it was her collar clinking on a rock. I told everybody to be quiet, and that’s when we found her. I started screaming, I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that she was found!”

Despite being a bit thirsty, Cricket was unharmed. Amanda says her little puppy was pampered and is staying close by her side. We love a happy ending!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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