Mother bathes her 1-year-old baby with bleach

When Alicia Barber, 27, said in an interview that she bathes her son with bleach, everyone was in shock. However, the woman does this to save the 1-year-old’s life. She decided to tell her story so the world can know about her son’s unusual illness, and also to make known the scary methods that are necessary to keep him alive.

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She gave birth to her third child, Jamison, a year ago. But even before he was born, Alicia knew the boy would have a difficult future. Little Jamison suffers from an unusual and potentially fatal disease, the Harlequin-type ichthyosis. This is a condition that causes the skin to grow 14 times faster than normal. In addition to being very painful, the disease causes cracks in the thick skin, where the infections develop easily.

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Bath in bleach

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for Harlequin-type¬†ichthyosis, but symptoms can be combated with ointments and other special care. One of the drastic methods the mother uses is bathing Jamison in bleach. This helps his body fight off infections. “Sometimes he swallows bleach, and sometimes it ends up in his eyes. It’s something I hate because it’s so bad. He cries and cries for months, many times,” says the woman.

Alicia also explains that these baths, while seeming inhuman and particularly unpleasant, are necessary to prevent infections that threaten the baby’s life. “If he doesn’t take these baths, he could end up in the hospital with an infection.”

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Scrub with sandpaper

In addition to bleach baths, little Jamison is under morphine to help relieve the very intense pain he feels. He also has to take two baths a day, about 45 minutes each, and be rubbed with sandpaper to help exfoliate his skin.

Many of those suffering from this terrible disease die only a few days after birth. However, Jamison has already shown that he is a true fighter, and celebrated his first birthday.

Youtube – Inside Edition

Now, his mother hopes that Jamison’s story can help raise awareness about this disease. She also hopes that scientists will find a cure soon. Watch a video of the warrior child below.

We hope Jamison will be able to celebrate many more birthdays, and wish the best for him and his family! Share if you want the same for the little hero!

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