Woman hits man in a bar and calls him “black shit” – but no one expected his shocking reaction

It’s completely unacceptable that, in the 21st century, there is still racism. Regardless of our skin color, race, or religion, we are all human and have feelings. People are people, period. So cases like these make our hearts break in a thousand pieces… recently, a man was called “black shit” and beaten in a bar by a racist woman.

Facebook – Marius Makon

Marius Makon is an actor of Spanish nationality, born in Cameroon. He was educated at the National Drama Center in Madrid and participated in several projects of the Spanish producer Globomedia and the Telecinco channel.

Facebook – Marius Makon

Last Saturday, Marius Makon lived a surreal situation, worthy of a horror film, in a cafeteria in Móstoles (Madrid). After ordering coffee, he was approached by the woman in the photo, who turned around and said, “I don’t want black people behind me.” Calmly, the man replied, “No, ma’am, just a moment, I’m going to leave, I have no interest in staying next to you for long.”

Facebook – Marius Makon

She insists: “I don’t care black shit, get out of here.”

He: “But calm down, lady, we’re in a public place, and I don’t understand the reason of your anger.”

She: “Black shit, I’m white, I can kill you and nothing will happen to me.”

After the terrible conversation, the woman hit Marion with a bottle on his right eyebrow. Despite the act of violence, he had an unexpected reaction: the man tried to remain calm.

Facebook – Marius Makon

“Racism is the greatest threat to man, maximum hate for the least reason,” says the actor. Despite the whole situation, Marion could only feel sorry for that woman. “I’m sorry you feel hate, live with hate. I’m sorry you do not enjoy life and you do not leave a small space in your heart to love.

Honestly, when I look at these pictures and see you, I tell myself how a person like her will surely have many good things… But the funny thing is, before hitting me with this bottle, she said, ‘I’m white and we’re in Spain, I can kill you and nothing will happen to me.’

Facebook – Marius Makon

The truth is that nothing happened to her. The moment she was identified, she went home, and I also went home with seven stitches. Now, the problem lies in the hands of the law. They will dictate the sentence.”

After the incident, Marius wanted to thank all those who supported him, and also wanted to respond to all those who accused him of forging the photographs. So he made a video in which he shows his police complaints and the doctor’s report.

Now the man wants to send out an important message: “Racism is real.” “Racism can’t be the way to demonstrate our frustrations,” he continues. Share the important message with everyone you know!

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