“Black cats and dogs are the last to be adopted, I want to change that by taking beautiful portraits of them”

When we imagine that racism is on the brink of extinction, we find that humans can be racist even against species other than their own.

A shocking survey by pro-animal NGO Lucky Dog Animal reveals that most pups that languish in kennels are dark-haired. In contrast, their fur companions are significantly more likely to be adopted earlier.

This trend was named by the scientific community of Black Dog Syndrome. Not that it doesn’t happen to cats either…

Lucky Dog Animal Executive Director Mirah Horowitz says the “effect of the syndrome is very real.”

However, if it depends on photographer Emma O’Brien, that reality is about to change. She called dozens of black dogs and cats for a special photoshoot to show people all the beauty of these animals. By the way, you still want to make all the ‘models’ of your essay adopted. Check out:
















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Source: Portal do Animal


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