Bride and groom find out they were born on the same day and in the same hospital – but the bizarre coincidences don’t end here

Jamie Frantz and Anthony Burkett met in the dating application Tinder, and the interest was mutual and immediate. They could hardly wait to find out more from each other, and they began to talk. At that point, Jamie noticed that Anthony’s e-mail address was “Burkette11493”. This was his date of birth, which happened to be the same as Jamie’s. But this was just one of many bizarre coincidences.

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Bizarre coincidences

Both shared the same date of birth… What were the chances of that happening? Jamie was delighted when she discovered that January 14th 1993 was also Anthony’s birth date. As the two were raised in towns that were only thirty miles away, Jamie was curious to know where he had really been born.

And then another coincidence came: she was surprised to discover that, 25 years earlier, the two had shared a nursery together. This is because both were born at East Jefferson Hospital, Louisiana, the same year and the same day!

Youtube – WDSU News
Couple has first date

After texting for some time, and stimulated by the strange coincidences in their lives, the two decided that it was finally time to meet in real life. Jamie and Anthony felt an immediate connection when they met, and quickly began a relationship.

But soon after dating, they began to notice more and more coincidences. When the similarities kept coming, the couple learned that the casual encounter in the dating application was not written in computer programming code. It must have been written in the stars and in destiny!

Jamie and Anthony are devout Christians and firmly believe that someone superior wanted them to come together. They believe that this was God’s plan.

Youtube – WDSU News

But bizarre coincidences don’t stop there. Both were born with 3.83 kg and are left-handed… Watch the video below to find out what other coincidences this couple shares.

And you, do you think they are a pair made in heaven? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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