No one shows up at the 4-year-old’s birthday party, so the waitress decides to act

Evan, age 4, couldn’t wait to celebrate his birthday party at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. His mother invited 30 people but, as the minutes passed, it was clear that none of the guests would appear. His mother, Angela Kazanis, was always smiling, eagerly watching the door. But inside, she was falling apart. How come none of her son’s classmates wanted to go to his party?

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Fortunately, Chuck E. Cheese’s staff was also aware of the situation… As the mother did her best to entertain the little boy, she had no idea that an employee was looking at them from across the room. Taylor Inzinna, the waitress, was absolutely devastated by the situation, fleeing to the bathroom trying not to cry about the boy’s disappointment.

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“I immediately ran into the kitchen and I was so upset. [His mother] was dealing with it much better than I… She was strong and never let Evan know for a second that she was upset, which I think was super impressive. ” As she watched the duo on the special day, Taylor quickly realized what she needed to do.

Waitress decides to act

Using social networks, Taylor immediately devised a plan. She asked on Facebook if anyone would be willing to donate a gift to the sweet 4-year-old boy. In a matter of days, her wish was granted.

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“Three to four days later, I had about 13 presents [for Evan].” With more than a dozen gifts from family and friends, Inzinna quickly called the boy’s mother and asked her to bring her son back.

What the cameras captured will leave you in tears – the actions of the generous employee turned the sad birthday into a day he would never forget. The boy was treated like a birthday boy should be treated: with a cake, gifts and a party full of people who really cared about him.

Youtube – Inside Edition

“On the day he came back, seeing the smile on his face was all he wanted. I had a purpose that day, and my goal was to make sure he was leaving happy. And he left saying, ‘Oh my God, this was the best day ever.'” Taylor didn’t need to get involved, but she saw a chance to help Evan and didn’t think twice.

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The waitress showed the boy that there is still human kindness. What a sweet and wonderful young woman. Share if you think there should be more people like this!

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