Young mother gives birth to triplets – doctors freeze when they look at the babies’ faces more closely

Becki-Jo Allen is a young English mother who has always wanted to have two children. Although already blessed with a beautiful daughter named Indiana, she decided to try to have another baby. One day, she began to feel queasy and suspected she was expecting a child… and she was right! But what Becki-Jo did not know was that she would give birth to triplets!

Unlike when she was pregnant in Indiana, Becki-Jo became very ill with horrible migraines. She thought there was something wrong, and decided to go to the doctor. There, she discovered the reason for her most serious indispositions: she was not expecting one, but three babies!


“It was the biggest shock of my life!” said Becki-Jo. “We did not have any triplets in the family,” she continued. The young mother was content, but at the same time a little afraid. How would she take care of so many kids at the same time? Fortunately, the family and boyfriend supported her greatly and did everything to help her during pregnancy.

Finally, at 31 weeks’ gestation, it was time to give birth, and the young mother could not be better prepared.


Unfortunately, things did not go as expected. Rocco, Roman, and Rohan were born with serious health problems and were taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The babies stayed there for three long weeks. While they were in the hospital, Becki-Jo never got a good look at her boys’ faces as they were covered with tubes, bands, and ribbons.

Only when she took the babies home did she notice something strange. Seeing the faces of her boys, she realized they were identical! Becki-Jo knew that the chance of having identical triplets was very rare: 1 in 1 million! To make sure she was correct, the young woman decided to send DNA samples from each kid to a laboratory.


In a few days, she got the results and confirmed her suspicions. They were identical twins! This has become evident over the years… the boys are more and more alike. Now it is impossible for the family to go out in public without people commenting on their similarities.

Many people ask if the parents don’t confuse their children: “Only when they are asleep do they look the same to me. Everyone of them has completely different personalities,” says the mother.


“Rohan is the noisy guy, he always screams. Rocco is usually quite laid back, but he can also be grumpy, while Roman often complains that he does not want to share. They are always crawling for the same toy, trying to get there before their brothers”.

And the younger sister, what did she think of having three brothers? She loved the idea!


“Indiana loves them, she’s not jealous at all.” For most parents, giving birth and raising a child is difficult enough, but raising three twins at one time must be overwhelming.

However, there is nothing that love does not surpass! Share to wish all the best to this beautiful and numerous family.

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