Couple finds out that the woman is pregnant – then, they were forced to put their beloved dog to sleep

Imagine the sweetest puppy, with a wrinkled face and long paws, a Vizla named Coolio. He was born in August 2015 and was welcomed by a family from an early age. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before a very sad discovery was made by a veterinarian.

Coolio became part of the family and walked with them everywhere… During the first year the puppy and his parents had incredible moments together, he was an incredibly sweet and playful dog. Whenever he met someone new, he would get a gift, a toy or a sheet!

Coolio was the perfect dog, a faithful companion, who had a lot of complicity with this family! But, one day, he began to become aggressive and bossy. He didn’t let his family stay on the couch or bed, and when he ate he became dangerous.

He kept barking and growling at his family! Then a veterinarian and a behavioral specialist were consulted. It was there that suspicions of dominant behavior, fear, anxiety or just pain arose.

One night in the kitchen, the dog even bit Blake (the husband of the family), who fortunately had no serious injury, as he had a sturdy coat.

There were other incidents in which Coolio flipped with and almost caused serious damage. He even threw himself aggressively at Grandpa for no apparent reason.

During the couple’s vacation, the dog was taken care of by friends, they were experienced with large dogs and fortunately there were no incidents.

So the family thought the problem was fading and everything would be fine. However, a few days later, the couple arrived home and friends said that after all, there were some problems, but they didn’t want to worry them during their vacation.

What does someone do when they find out that the dog they love bit someone? Unfortunately, the dog was becoming a danger to people other than the family! At 14 weeks of pregnancy, the couple was forced to do something because they didn’t want to put the baby at risk!

A coach came home to try to solve the problem, but didn’t sucess. So he suggested they got him a new home or put him to sleep. Later, a veterinarian also came to agree to this testimony. The decision was made, and in his last days he ate his favorite foods and had the time of his life!

The couple believed that Coolio appeared in their lives for some reason and came to teach them important lessons, and they were very grateful for it! On his last day, on his way to the vet, the couple stopped in a park and he had a chance to play for the last time…

Blake’s wife said, “As soon as the vet came outside to me I burst into tears. He spent time with us talking through what would happen and then took Coolio to another room to sedate him.

He was laying down resting his head on my hand and I bent down to kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. This was the closest I had been able to get to him in the past year without worrying about being attacked.

He slowly drifted off to sleep, and Blake was rubbing his ears which washis favourite and he groaned, he was loving it. His last moments were spent with the people that he loved the most and who loved him just as much.

Life will move on, it always does. But there will always be a part of Coolio with us everywhere we go.”

When you have a dog, you know that one day you have to say goodbye, but this family didn’t expect that moment to be so soon! The couple misses him every day… Rest in peace Coolio!

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Source: Doggies


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