Woman captures photo hidden behind the elderly, and reveals what the employee is doing with his food

Who has never heard that the generation today is lost? In some cases, the statement could not be more true, as many young people do not appreciate or respect older people. However, the employee we’ll see next will restore your faith in humanity. She decided to do something absolutely wonderful for an old man who was in the restaurant… fortunately, her boss was behind the elderly and captured the whole scene, sharing it later on the internet.

Now, the wonderful young woman’s attitude is going around the world, and for the best reasons!


As usual, Evoni Williams, 18, was working at Waffle House in Houston last Saturday. During her shift, she saw an elderly with an oxygen tank. He was having a hard time cutting the food. The man’s hands had no strength, so Evoni resolved to help him!

“Without hesitation, she took the plate and began cutting the ham,” wrote the owner of the establishment, Laura Wolf. The woman was so thrilled with the employee’s action that she put a picture of her on Facebook. “This may sound small, but to him, I’m sure it was huge,” she continued.


Almost a week after the boss put the story on Facebook, it has been shared more than 40,000 times. In addition, the moving image came to a university, the Texas Southern University School, which decided to offer a $16,000 scholarship to Evoni.

It was a gift that changed Evoni’s life, who graduated from high school in May and was working at Waffle House ever since to save money for college. She said she was honored by the donation and thankful for what she received, but humbly says that her action was not unusual.


“I just knew the photo was taken a few hours later,” Evoni said. According to the 18-year-old girl, she just wanted to help the old man. “It’s just something I would do for anyone,” she explained.

Stories like this really warm the heart. The world needs more special people like Evoni. Spread the beautiful deed of kindness with your friends, and inspire them to do the same!

Source: Newsner


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