Basketball players interrupt match after seeing crowd mocking the cheerleader

Bullying is quite common in schools, but that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable, on the contrary! A group of high school basketball players know this well, and decided to act against intimidation in a cool way. They interrupted a match to defend a colleague with Down Syndrome.

Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader. Her team was performing when the audience started making fun of her. Three basketball players noticed what was happening and decided to take action.

Basketball players decide to do the right thing

Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez left the game midway. They walked over to the sports director, and asked if they could do anything to stop the rude audience from bullying Desiree. The players said they were very sad about that situation.

They decided to defend the girl before continuing the game. Many people have noticed the lovely gesture of the teenagers, including Cliff Andrews, Desiree’s father. He could not contain his emotion and was in tears as he thanked the three players of the eighth grade for that beautiful attitude.


Cliff said that the famous television series “Glee” gave Desiree the inspiration she needed to join a team of cheerleaders. In the series, there was a character named Becky Jackson. She was a student with Down Syndrome who was also a cheerleader at school.

Basketball players now have a great relationship with Desiree, and the girl greets each player before each game begins. School spirit has improved since that kindness gesture. Those players showed a message, not only about the problems of bullying, but also about the importance of the acceptance.


We are all equal in the eyes of God, and deserve to be treated with respect. Watch an interview about the wonderful story below.

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