Baseball player cries while feeding his dog for the last time

Tim Tebow is a recognized minor league baseball player in the United States. He is such an acclaimed public figure that he even owns his own store with personal-branded products whose resources go to charities.

With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, his fans have always known his rough and strong facet, typical of an elite athlete like him.

But recently he surprised the world after sharing his emotional fragility with his followers by saying goodbye to his beloved canine companion of his life, his Bronco puppy.

Blunt came to Tim’s life when he was just a baby.

But last Wednesday, the health of the puppy that had been sick for some time due to its 9-year-old worsened.

The athlete went to his followers to ask for prayers for his beloved partner and kept everyone informed of his last moments.

In an exciting video, he shared the moment when he gave a small snack in the mouth. At first he seems calm and excited to still have his good friend by his side.

But suddenly, Tim is completely destroyed when he realizes this will be the last time he can feed him, the last time he can do something for his faithful companion, the last time he will feel the warmth of his soft fur and his company. Sweet around.

It is a totally moving moment for which no one is prepared.

«One of the hardest goodbyes. I wanted to pay special tribute to the sweetest boy in history: thanks for all the joy you brought and all the memories, ”he wrote on Instagram alongside the video of the moment and other memories that thrilled all of his fans.

The post has nearly 300,000 likes and 30,000 comments online:

In his publication, he shared a pleasant memory every time Bronco received him on his return home.

And also the heartbreaking moment of the dog’s last moment in the midst of a desperate sigh as he caresses it to the last breath.

He later shared another publication telling him how his finale went and how he decided to bury his body with dignity to give it the honor it deserved.

“I’m so thankful and humbled by everyone’s support, prayers and love. I was able to lay Bronco to rest in a really special place. Thank you all so much encouragement. I love you Bronco, thanks for being the sweetest boy” he said.

It’s definitely something no owner is prepared for, but we’re glad Bronco is always surrounded by all the love and care he deserved. Fly high, champion!

Source: Zoorprendente


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