Child gives a sudden scream in the back seat of the car: now the mother warns the whole world about the unexpected danger

Parents’ first concern is the health of their children. So when they get hurt, adults feel so sad and powerless that they don’t want anybody to feel that pain. That’s what happened to Shelly Martin’s husband when a terrible accident occurred with his daughter in the back seat of the car.

The man put the 6-year-old in the back seat of the car, and minutes later something terrible happened. The car that Samantha and her father were traveling skidded and crashed into a tree. The shock was so great that the seat belt that the girl was wearing cut through her stomach. The father got out of the car and immediately called the emergency and his wife.


Shelly says she’s been in shock and will never forget that moment. “Her gut was out on the left side of the body,” says the woman. The six-year-old girl had a seat belt, but she wasn’t in a child seat. Where the family lives, in Virginia, experts don’t recommend that youngsters sit on the bench without this accessory.

Now the mother is convinced that her daughter’s injuries would not be so serious if she were traveling on the wheelchair. “She would not have hurt herself so much if she had been in a wheelchair,” says the woman. After the terrible accident, these parents want to warn the other adults that this doesn’t happen again.

“Don’t think that just because your child is 7 or 8 years old she’s too big (for a chair)… she isn’t!” In addition to stomach injuries, Samantha also had head and neck injuries. Luckily she has recovered well physically, but is going to a psychologist to treat post-traumatic stress.


Shelly Martin and her husband almost lost their daughter, but they think everything happens for a reason. Therefore, they want to spread the message as much as they can: “If we can raise awareness and save another child, at least we can get something good out of it,” concludes the mother.

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Source: Newsner


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