Covering a baby stroller is a fatal mistake many parents make

In spring and summer, temperatures rise, so it’s very important to protect ourselves from the heat. Elderly and infants need particular attention and care as they have a fragile skin that can dehydrate quickly. At these times, we should always have with us a bottle of water and sunscreen, and remain in the shade when the sun is strongest. But something parents should never do is cover the baby stroller!

Some people think they are protecting their children when they cover the baby stroller with a blanket or towel. Parents want to prevent babies from being exposed to sunlight. But in doing so, they end up having the opposite effect, and expose the child to great danger. Even if it seems logical to cover children, this is the worst thing to do according to the Swedish pediatrician named Svante Norgen, from Astrid Lindgren Stockhlom Hospital.

Dangers of covering a baby stroller

Placing a blanket, a light sheet or even a wet towel on a baby stroller creates an “oven” effect that can become extremely dangerous. This increases the temperature inside the stroller. In this way, parents, who don’t see the baby underneath the sheet, may not perceive the child’s signs of discomfort due to the heat. The sheet can also suffocate the baby, preventing the free circulation of air. The mixing of heat and shortness of breath can be fatal for the child.


According to the pediatrician, covering a stroller is even more dangerous than leaving the baby in the sun. Svendka Dagbladet proved his theory by putting two strollers in full sun (but with no babies, of course). One was covered and the other was not. The results were absolutely shocking…

The thermometers measured the temperature in both trolleys. In the one that was covered, the temperature rose from 22 °C to 34  C in just 30 minutes. The one that was not covered remained at 22 °C! So, if you have kids, don’t cover their baby stroller.

If you find other parents who don’t know these risks, let them know so they don’t endanger the lives of their children. Lack of information can be fatal!

Source: Ayoye


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