Baby orangutan was kept chained to be used as entertainment for children

Orangutans are critically endangered. They are cruelly captured and kept as pets. Same as babies! This is Mingky’s story.

Mingky, an orangutan baby, was chained between two buildings, held prisoner by a cruel owner. The reason it is not just shocking but also painful. It was used as entertainment for the owner’s children. Mingky was chained by his neck with only about two feet to move.

He was lucky to be fed with fruit once a day. At Mingky’s age, he should have been surrounded by the family, falling asleep in his mother’s arms. Instead, he was alone and was forced to sleep on the cold concrete floor. He put his arms around himself and hugged himself to sleep.

People saw Mingky in this horrible state, but nobody did anything. They just “took care of their own business”. These neighbors felt that interfering was not their place, so Mingky continued to suffer.

This sad life lasted a whole year. Until finally, the Orangutan Information Center (OIC) heard about Mingky. They contacted the wildlife authorities telling them that Mingky was being held illegally. Wildlife authorities told the ICO that they could take custody of Mingky.

The authorities and the ICO went in search of Mingky. He finally freed himself from the short chain.

Despite holding Mingky illegally, his owner has not yet been arrested. How despicable! And because of the way Mingky was treated, he became antisocial and aggressive. He did not trust humans at all. And who can blame him ?!

Now, while living in the ICO sanctuary, Mingky is improving. He is beginning to understand that he is safe now, that he will be fed daily and that humans are no longer enemies. He is being kept in a large enclosure with little human contact, so he will be able to make the transition back to the wild life one day.

While it is frustrating that Mingky’s abusive owner has not been punished, we are happy to know that Mingky is safe now and will never live such a cruel life.

Share the story of Mingky so we can continue to raise awareness of the orangutan situation.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Source: I Love My Dog


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