Mother leaves baby locked up in a hot car while having breakfast – when she comes back, she discovers something shocking

Having a child also implies having many responsibilities. Most mothers do everything they can for their children to grow up happy, healthy and surrounded by love and attention. Unfortunately, some women don’t know how to take care of their small gifts as they should, and the one we’re going to see today is an example of that. She left her baby locked up in a hot car while she went for breakfast with her friends.

Some people who passed by the parking lot heard the child’s cries and decided to look for her mother. The moment the woman arrived was captured by the cameras, and the images are being shared all over the internet. The clip has become viral fast, and people around the world are angry about what happened.

The video was recorded on March 22, 2018 in San Andres de Cholula, Mexico. The woman left her baby in the car while she went for breakfast with her friends at a mall. The passers-by saw the afflicted baby that hot morning, and noticed that the car’s windows were all closed. Quickly, a stranger used something to block the sun. He did this so that the little girl didn’t suffer a sunstroke while they spotted the denatured mother.

Fortunately, the passers-by managed to quickly locate the young woman, who returned immediately to the scene. However, a witness began to insult her while she nervously removed her daughter from the car. Embarrassed by what happened, her mother apologized and made it clear she didn’t want her face to appear on recordings.

“Poor baby, she’s so red,” said one of the people present. “Stupid mother, take your baby with you,” exclaims another. Shortly after taking the daughter out of the car, the woman began to lull the girl in an attempt to comfort her. But that didn’t move the crowd… one of the passers-by even ironically said she was the “mother of the year.”

Youtube – Peipei

However, the opinions of the internet are divided. There are those who argue that the images should not have been shared online, and that the mother has the right to anonymity. But other users believe the clip should be shared as a warning to other parents. The neglect of this mother could easily have resulted in the death of her baby.

Unfortunately, thousands of children die from heat stroke due to errors like this. The mother thought it was okay to have a quick cup of coffee while the baby slept in the car. But, probably, if it weren’t for the concern of strangers, the girl would have passed away… Therefore, it’s never too much to share scenes like the one that we’ll see below.

Do you think the video should have been shared or not? Leave your comments on Facebook, and don’t forget to spread the message: never leave children alone in a car in a sunny day… only a few seconds can have serious consequences!

Source: Newsner


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