Baby crawls over to husky – then dad catches the puppy’s reaction (it has already been seen by more than 14 million)

Although all dogs are adorable in their own way, Huskies look very different. In addition to their white skin, they also have blue eyes and are often known to have a lot of energy. They usually need to spend a lot of time outside with other puppies to play with.

For these reasons, some people are afraid to have a dog so intense around small children. Fortunately, the video below shows that these dogs can be incredibly kind to children!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

The clip shows a fully grown puppy with a child, who appears to be a little under one year old.

At first we see the baby crawling across the rug towards the dog and tries to touch his fur. When the boy gets his hand near the puppy, he makes a quick roll down the baby’s small arms… How cute!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

The baby and the dog continue to play together, with the boy resting most of the weight on the dog, always remaining playful. The boy still puts his hands in the mouth of the husky and the dog only gives a gentle “bite”!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

After all, it’s clear that the husky understands how gentle and fragile the child is and that it is their job to protect him. Overall, this video shows that new parents don’t need to be afraid that their dogs get along with their babies, as long as they are around to supervise…

Baby calmly approaches a Husky

Watch this cute moment in the video below:

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Source: Animal Channel


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