Baby Bulldog thinks she’s mean and wants to prove it in front of the cameras

Dogs are very precious beings and when those little hairballs are just trying to figure out life, they can lead us to truly adorable moments. The attitude of the dog we will meet today demonstrates that she wants to show her bad side, but we can’t help but laugh at her sweetness!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Greta is a new puppy in this world, and her priority is to protect herself. So the little Bulldog puts on her evil face. And her”onslaughts” are simply adorable!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

She’s upset about something, we just don’t know with what! Maybe Greta thinks her father should be on the floor playing with her… Or maybe Greta doesn’t understand why she’s not on the couch either!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Whatever her argument is, she has proven her wrath for the cameras and you don’t want to miss out this lovely moment:

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Source: Paw My Gosh


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