Audience laughs at 53-year-old farmer – but watch their reaction when she opens her mouth

Jacqueline Faye is a 53-year-old farmer who decided to go to The X Factor in the UK. Her performance video is just a week old, and it already has half a million views! When you hear the wonderful voice, you will understand why.

When she comes up to the stage and talks to the jury, Jacqueline is clearly very nervous. She begins by saying that she lives on a farm with many animals. There are chickens, ducks, horses and even peacocks, she says. No one seems to know what to do with that information. Some began to laugh, and Simon rolled his eyes.

Robbie Williams, who seems to be the only one to appreciate her great life story, asks what she’s going to sing. Jacqueline chose Cilla Black’s 1960 hit, You’re My World. When the performance begins, the jury’s expression changes completely.

53-year-old farmer steals the show

Simon Cowell, who was disbelieving of her talent, was speechless hearing the voice of the 53-year-old farmer. The audience, who laughed at her initially, were also surrendered to Jacqueline’s incredible talent. At the end of the powerful performance, the audience did a standing ovation, and Simon smiled from ear to ear. No one can deny: the woman is a rising star!

Watch Jacqueline’s incredible audition in the video below.

This talented woman is a perfect example of how you should not judge a book by its cover. Is this 53-year-old farmer the next Susan Boyle? Share your thoughts with us and show the incredible performance to your friends!

Source: Newsner


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