Attentive runner saves a baby she thought was abandoned

Recently, an attentive runner has saved a baby from a terrible situation. She was making her morning run, and for some reason decided to change her usual route. Then, the woman saw a baby alone in a car seat in the middle of the woods.

Hong Nguyen thought the girl had been abandoned by her parents. She was hungry and covered in bug bites near a Houston road. What kind of parents would leave a helpess girl in the woods? In fact, the baby had not been abandoned … she had been kidnapped!

The girl was named Genesis Hailey, and her mother reported her disappearance around 3:30 am. Everything happened at a gas station. The woman stopped to refuel and her car was stolen with the baby still inside. The moment the thief got in the car, the mother desperately tried to run after him to retrieve her daughter, but it was too late.

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The robber probably didn’t want to take the girl, but she ended up being a “collateral damage.” The police found the vehicle quickly, but found neither the baby nor the other belongings that were in the car. Hong didn’t know about this situation, so she called the emergency saying that she had found an abandoned baby in the middle of the woods.

The police suspected the baby was Genesis, and they were right. The girl was 6 or 7 hours apart from her mother before the runner found her. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending thanks to the woman who decided to change her morning jogging route.

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It was the first time the mother left the baby alone in the car, and it will certainly be the last. Never leave a child alone. Just a few seconds are enough for a tragedy to occur. Share this story so these things don’t happen to other people!

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