Two soccer players are suspended for brutally attacking a defenseless cat

Respect for animals is a symbol of the values of human beings, distinguishing those who know how to recognize that all creatures have the right to live. Unfortunately, some people do not keep this premise and are able to attack the lives of helpless beings.

Whoever attacks an animal, it is very probable that in the future will attack another human being or who loses empathy for the pain of others. Recently, some images came out showing two Venezuelan soccer players brutally attacking a cat.

Soccer players are suspended for hitting a cat

David Barreto and Eduin Quintero belong to the Zulia FC football team in Venezuela. Both play for the first national division and their followers were desolate, after they watched the shocking images.

In the photos, you can see how one of them holds the cat by one of his legs and throws him into the void. It’s heart breaking! After the images were released, the soccer team’s board issued a statement condemning the animal abuse case.

In addition, they also announced that both players involved in the event were “suspended and removed” from the team, while assessing the additional measures that will be taken against them.

The Association of Defense and Protection of the Animals published in the social networks the images in which David Barreto attacks the cat, while his partner EduĂ­n Quero recorded the video of the aggression. Eventually, Barreto closed his account on the Instagram after the wave of comments about the scandal.

His partner has changed the status of his account to “private” and wrote: “We all have the right to make mistakes and start from scratch.”

This case has moved everyone around the world and thousands of people have condemned mistreatment of animals. Let’s hope the two players pay for their actions and justice is done. No living being deserves to be mistreated at this point…

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Source: Te Importa


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