At 84-years-old, he has walked hundreds of miles looking for his lost dog

The story of an 84-year-old man from Peru has become international news. Outstanding for his resilience and faith in finding Kayfaz, his long lost dog.

Agustín Ramos says that he received massive support from social networks and from people unknown to his city until then. They offered to put up posters and spread messages of searching for the dog.

Unfortunately, Kayfaz took advantage of an oversight by his owner and ran away as soon as he opened the door of the house, never being seen again.

For months, the elderly have been looking for him, without much success.

Slowly, Agustín, who is already at a very advanced age, walks through the streets of Peru, places signs with the photo of the puppy. And he asks the people who cross his path if they have seen his dear companion.

His story has touched the hearts of many people, who have helped him in the search.

The little dog has not been located yet. But Agustín keeps hoping to find him in the short term.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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