Association feeds street animals that seek food during the pandemic

In these difficult times of global pandemic, there are those who also think about the protection of animals; and we are not just talking about street dogs and cats, but all kinds of animals. The Municipal Corporation of Jaipur, India, which is taking care of this, takes care of animals in difficulty. They have been doing this since the 1940s, helping local NGOs in the rehabilitation and rescue process.

JMC supplies about 15,000 “chapati” (a traditional type of bread from India) every day for the neediest animals. And certainly, the outbreak of the pandemic and the arrival of the coronavirus in the country has generated food problems for humans and also for the animal kingdom.

During this period, the company donated 8,500 chapatis in various areas of the city to homeless chicks and also allocated food for cows with the help of the Shri Krishna Balram Seva Trust, as well as banana for monkeys and bird food.

In lockdown times because of Coronavirus, JMC plans to distribute between 10,000 and 15,000 chapatis with the help of an NGO. In addition to fruits and vegetables and drinking water for the care of thirsty animals in public parks.

A large-scale operation was possible thanks to the help of NGOs such as Akshaya Patra, in collaboration with several donors in the city who helped to collect a large amount of feed also to feed the birds.

Vijal Pal Singh, head of the Corporation, said: “What we are doing is very welcome! There are many animals on the streets that depend mainly on finding food outside of restaurants and hotels. I want other cities to follow our example”.

An example that we would like to see adopted as a model also in other countries of the world, in times of pandemic, where nutrition is a primary good. For everyone, without distinction.

Source: Olha Que Video


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