Widow is stolen next to her husband’s grave: a week later, the assailant’s son makes an unexpected offer

When we lose someone we love, we usually visit their grave to find some comfort. This was the case of widow Tona Herndon, 78. After her husband died, after 60 years of marriage, she was devastated and went to the cemetery daily. One of these days, she was robbed… some time later, the assailant’s son contacted him with an offer that he could not refuse.

Tona was standing at the grave of her husband, looking sad, when a stranger suddenly approached her from behind. The man stole the widow and ran away with the bag. Of course Tona was shocked and devastated. What kind of person steals an old woman in a graveyard?

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But sometimes real life is a lot stranger than fiction, and what happened after the robbery turned the nightmare into a happy memory for Tona. The man who stole the lady was soon arrested and his picture was spread by the local media.

Newspapers wrote about the cowardly attack, and a few weeks later a 15-year-old boy contacted Tona with an unexpected proposal. Christian Lunsford, 15, saw the news and photos of the thief. Seeing the pictures, he was very sad and upset. The man who attacked the widow was his father, Shane.

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Shane Lunsford had already had problems with the law .. but the son was very sad to know that he stole cash cowardly from an elderly woman. Christian contacted Tona and asked if he could find her in the parking lot of a nearby church. He wanted to talk to her about his father’s behavior.

Christian’s parents separated when he was two. Since then, he had hardly seen the parent. His father would go out and get back into his life when he wanted to. Instead of following in Shane’s footsteps, Christian took his father’s mistakes as a lesson not to repeat.

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“It had to be done.” “She needed a word of comfort from someone. If I didn’t do it, who would do it?” Said the young man regarding the meeting with the lady who was robbed. Tona and Christian met in the parking lot, but there was one more surprise that no one expected. Christian gave the old woman the money her father had given him for a school trip.

“I found it so, so precious,” says Tona. “Any 15-year-old boy who is so conscientious is extraordinary,” she continues. She was so impressed and grateful that she decided not to accept Christian’s money. Tona wanted the generous young man to do the school trip.

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Tona and Christian are wonderful examples of empathy and kindness. In a world where so many people are selfish and cold, it is always good to see acts of kindness. Christian is proof that the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” isn’t always right!

It must not have been easy for Christian to see his father arrested and appearing on the news. But the boy knows that the he needs to pay for his own mistakes. But one thing this man did well: the 15 year-old-son, who is trying to make this world a better place …

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