Homeless man asks for the menu at a restaurant and is kicked out by employee – but he comes back with a surprise

Since i was little, i was taught not to judge others by appearances, however, some people insist on doing so. In the social experience we are about to show you, a famous Youtuber pretended to be a beggar to find out how an expensive restaurant staff would react when asked for the menu. The result was more shocking than he imagined: the clerk refused to show the menu to the homeless.

Coby Persin is a 23-year-old famous Youtuber of New York. He recently made an experiment to see if the staff at a restaurant would serve him if he looked like a homeless man.

Youtube – Coby Persin

In the 3-minute video, we can see Coby badly dressed and looking dirty. He asked the waiter if he could see the menu and get a table. Immediately, the rude employee said that the dishes from that place were too expensive for his budget, and didn’t show him the menu. In addition, the employee sent Coby to a McDonald’s, or a restaurant that was cheaper.

After being humiliated, the Youtuber decided to show how we should never judge anyone by appearances. Suddenly, Coby waves to the driver, Ronaldo, who arrives in a luxury Rolls Royce. Ronaldo then hands over a suitcase to the supposed beggar.

Youtube – Coby Persin

At that point, the employee had a big surprise: the suitcase was full of money! Without hesitation, the Youtuber showed the contents of the suitcase to the waiter, showing that he was rich enough to even buy the entire restaurant. “I could buy this restaurant just to fire you,” said the young man!

Hopefully Coby’s experience will make people judge less by appearances… Watch the whole scene below.


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Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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