Army veteran hunts illegal hunters in Africa, defending and protecting wildlife

Imagine what it would be like if the poachers who tried to kill innocent animals were hunted. That’s exactly what Kinessa Johnson, a former weapons instructor in the military, is doing with other veterans.

The dogged lover of animals has joined Veterans Trained to Protect African Wildlife (VEPAW). The group uses their skills and knowledge to train rangers to prevent illegal poachers from killing animals in Africa.

Once captured, they are delivered to the appropriate authorities.

In a statement to Independent UK, Johnson shared: “Most of the time whoever is in a reserve with a gun is considered a threat and can be shot if the guards feel threatened.”

On Facebook, Johnson has posted to her followers that corruption is all over Africa. She shared an article detailing how the African government receives bribes in exchange for the death of rhinos.

In addition to stealing rhinos, capturing and hunting with large rifles and dogs is decreasing the number of wild animals in general.

She says her two biggest fans are her Bulldogs, named Ragnar and Saint. After recovering from recent surgery, the warrior returns to Africa to defend and protect the wildlife of terrible hunters. Stay strong, Kinessa!

Source: I Love My Dog


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