Dog acts invisible when caught in the pool

A dog named Baxter just wanted to enjoy a summer day and take a swim in the inflatable pool. The pup was sloshing, picking up a little sun and of course, having a lot of fun … However, his mood changes suddenly, when he senses that he is being observed.


The images quickly became viral, and it is not difficult to understand why. When Baxter realizes that he is in “trouble”, he tries to escape the situation in a very peculiar way.


The moment the dog realizes that he is being filmed, he becomes static and leaves the pool in the most discreet way possible. However, the best was yet to come! The loving dog tries to hide behind a bush in the yard, as if that makes him invisible.


Dog is caught in the pool

Undoubtedly, an excellent dose of canine humor. Check out the fun moment in the video below:

Our four-legged friends always know how to make us smile, yet Baxter has raised the bar. Share this fun story with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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