Anonymous heroes fill the streets with insulated card boxes so homeless dogs don’t resist the cold

Street life will never be an easy option. Much less if, besides not having a home, you endure the hunger, the great dangers, and the cold temperatures of a winter.

All this not because of your own choice, but because others have decided for you. Thousands of stray dogs roam the cold streets in the winter.

But given these difficult realities, there are always generous people willing to change the picture. This happened in Chile, where a group of volunteers worked to make stray dogs know what warm sleeping is like in the middle of winter.

These anonymous heroes filled the streets with small shelter sets for needy dogs. And so, they can protect themselves from the harsh cold that caused this winter.

Although this does not solve their lives, it prevents them from dying of hypothermia due to low temperatures.

The “mini residential complexes” consist of cardboard boxes full of wool, fabrics and coats to make them cozy and comfortable for those furry.

But of course, given the humidity and possible rainfall, they also stepped forward and decided to align the boxes with plastic bags to prevent them from deteriorating with moisture.

Individually, the subject ends up being a kind of thermal box for animals.

Although it is not yet known who was the initiator of such a beautiful work, everyone on social networks are grateful for the idea.

The news went viral after Chilean Clau Medidome shared the case in a Facebook group SOS Perritos Chile (Official)

Immediately, the publication exploded with positive comments from people grateful for the initiative, but one especially caught our attention.

“Since I have so many positive comments, I would like to say that the person who dedicates time and love for it doesn’t just need blessings, needs donations, needs cardboard boxes, tape, blankets, etc. And do you know why I know? Because in my commune in Talagante, I know some girls who also build these houses and, for them, it is not easy to acquire so much material on their own ”, wrote Cristal Martínez in the publication.

His comment made more than one thought, because sometimes we only have the joy of this positive gesture, but we are not multipliers of these initiatives. Outside, many animals die of cold and other necessities, and we, with gestures like this, can save their lives. The world needs not only beautiful words, but actions.

Source: Zoorprendente


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